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You've already begun to make Magic by visiting this website. Now you can:

Learn More

Thoroughly explore what we offer here—especially the publications section—if you've yet to do so. You'll find a wealth of information about ideas, people, and programs.

Experience Magic firsthand. Become a client. Participate in a class. Volunteer. Arrange to visit Magic for a meal or event. We serve about a thousand guest meals and host several dozen events each year.


Magic relies almost entirely upon word-of-mouth communication to spread awareness of its existence. Any who speak appreciatively of what we are and do are critical to our continuing success. If you like what you've learned or otherwise experienced while with us, please spread the word.

Become a Client

Magic derives about half of its income from those who receive its services. You can use Magic to:

We ask people who request Magic services and reap direct benefit from them to contribute something equivalent to what they, themselves earn. In this way we ask you to value Magic personnel as you are valued, and we earn enough to support Magic personnel at the average material standard of living of those whom we serve. Where contribution at this level will be contrary to public interest we negotiate work- or other in-kind exchange, or waive payment entirely.

A typical suggested donation for an hour of Magic services is approximately one-tenth of one percent of a client's annual earnings. When Magic serves an institution or group, or when a team of Magic personnel deliver services, we request that clients take this into account. By giving to Magic, those whom we serve affirm that they value what they have received, and provide wherewithal for Magic to generate benefit for others.


Each year Magic is generously supported by hundreds of volunteers and other donors whose gifts of labor, money, and material typically account for about half of its income.

We consider the structure and operation of Magic to be vehicles for demonstrating the principles on which it was founded. By relying heavily upon gift, freely giving many of our services, and cooperatively negotiating fees based upon clients' ability to pay, we aim to exemplify some of the ways that we apply valuescience to discover and to further the common interests of humankind.

If you find the model we are developing at Magic worthy, we'll welcome all that you do to make it more robust. Magic exists today because those who associated with it in the past gave.


Making Magic entails a great deal of "chopping wood and carrying water." If you enjoy hands-on work, either alone or with others, you can help. Plant and care for trees and other native species. Salvage usable materials from waste. Pick fruit. Build. Paint. Repair. Cook. Clean. Enter data. Make copies. We'll do our best to match your skills and preferences to available tasks.

If you've special expertise, you may be able to apply it to further Magic's public service. Because key Magic personnel are full-time volunteers, we're very grateful to health care providers who serve at reduced or no charge. Gifts of services from lawyers, accountants, marketesr, writers, artists, graphic designers, editors, photographesr, architects, structural engineers, researchesr, policy advocates, carpentesr, plumbers, electricians, and computer consultants have leveraged Magic's modest money resources. If you've any of these skills or a host of others we omitted, please consider giving services to Magic.

Contribute Money

Magic needs money for taxes, utilities, property acquisition and renovation, and for material and professional services we purchase to operate a residential service learning community that delivers a broad spectrum of programs for public benefit, often without fee or other direct support. Make a single gift or an ongoing pledge. Ask your employer to match your gift. Honor friends or relatives with gifts to support public service through Magic. Contact us for information about planned giving through trusts and bequests.

To make a single gift click the button below.

To become a Magic affiliate, make a pledge of monthly, quarterly, or annual contributions of money, material, labor, or professional services. Affiliates enjoy regular interaction with other Magic personnel, updates on our activities, preferential access to Magic classes and services, and satisfaction sharing ongoing responsibility for Magic's work to further common good.

For gifts of material, labor, or professional services, please email .

For money gifts, fill out the fields below and then click the subscribe button.

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Donate Material

Donate land or a building; a car, boat or plane; office and household furnishings, equipment, and supplies: food; building materials; clothing; event tickets; vehicle or facilities use; … We rely heavily on gifts-in-kind. Some we use; others we sell to raise funds. Ask us before you dispose of your unwanted items.

Our current wish list includes:

Solar hot water or photoelectric panels.

Energy efficient appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator)

Anything we can auction for $50 or more on eBay

Construction tools and equipment

Fitness-club quality aerobic exercise equipment (elliptical trainer, rowing ergometer, stairmaster)

Macintosh computers

6 line/32 extension PBX

Rural land within fifty miles of Palo Alto